Parent\Teacher conferences must be scheduled through the guidance office.

Call 729-3113 to schedule a conference.

At Camden Middle School, we believe in and encourage open communication between parents and teachers.  
Often questions and concerns can be answered via email.  Simply click on the teacher's name and a new email message will open.

When corresponding with  teachers, please remember to include the student's full name. 
Exploratory teachers appreciate inclusion of the student's grade level. 
Exploratory teachers teach all three grade levels and have six classes each day.

Teachers eMail

6th Grade Teachers

6th Grade


Subject Name Website
Math Ms. Marina George
ELA Ms. Janet DuBois

Science Mr. David Walker
Social Studies Mr. Patrick Kelley


Subject Name Website
Math Mrs Lanita Griffin
ELA Mrs Christina Bruce
Science Ms. K. Spencer
Social Studies Ms. Pamela McCage


Subject Name Website
Math Mrs. Sondra Stevens
ELA Terri Walker

Science Mrs. Inga Aviles
Social Studies Mr. Rick Dixon



7th Grade Teachers

7th Grade



Subject Name Website
Math Mrs. Lorrie Morris
ELA Mr. S. Rayle
Science Dr. Mark Lang
Social Studies




Subject Name Website

Mrs. India Gibbs

ELA Mrs. Barbara Hart
Science Mr. Rob Roberts
Social Studies S. Clark



Subject Name Website
Math Mrs. Audrey Robles
ELA Simmons

Science Ms. Kaitlyn Demirjian
Social Studies Mr Steven Rayle






8th Grade Teachers

8th Grade



Subject Name Website
Math Ms. Alison Monroe
ELA Dr. Stephanie Waters-Fatula
Science Ms. Melissa Carter
Social Studies Joannie Middleton



Subject Name Website
Math Ms. Clara Podrasky

ELA Ms. Ivy Dawson

Science Dr. Robert Morrow

Social Studies Mr. David Green




Subject Name Website
Math Mr. Richard Howard

ELA Ms. Leigh McDaniel


Social Studies Mrs. Justine Carter




Subject Name Website

ELA Mrs.Candice O'Brien


Social Studies




Exploratory \ Connections     

Ms. Pamela Johnson  Art   
Mr. Stan Rogowski  Band 
Mrs. Linda Hall Computer
Mr. Thomas MacArthur  Study Skills Math   
Ms. Stacie Mizell  Study Skills Reading   
Mr. Kenneth Coats  Technology 

Mrs. Susan Stewart  Health \ Physical Education 

Mr. Bishop Braddock Health \ Physical Education 

Mr. Steve Conner Skills for Adolescents   

Mr. Brian Crum  Health \ Physical Education 
Mr. David Joyner  Health \ Physical Education   
Mrs. Danielle Sopp  Health \ Physical Education

Mr. Christopher Walley Health \ Physical Education 



Special Education (GAA)

Dr. Denise Cato  Special Education Coordinator

Hampton Blount  Language Arts    

Dana Brown  GAA / Building Specialist   
Shay Burch  Math & Science    
Alan Christy  Math  & Science  
Melissa Jackson  Math, Science & Social Studies

Shamekia Jenkins  Language Arts
Rachel Keckritz  Math    
Mary Rowe  GAA

Angela Smiley  Language Arts   

Rebecca Weaver  Science and Social Studies 

William A. Yeomans  Speech

Teacher Websites
Click this link for Teacher websites
Powerschool Information
  • Powerschool Information
    • Teachers usually have grades entered by Wednesday for assignments due and recieved the previous week.
    • Teacher email links are included on Powerschool also.
    • Parent and student Powerschool login information is provided during enrollment. If you need help with your account please contact CMS guidance.
    • Parents have a different log on than the student and can set up the account to monitor one or more students' information with a single log in. Set up your account and  proactively monitor your student's progress using Powerschool account set up information .
    • Powershool items showing up blue have links to more information.
    • Students can monitor their own grades and become responsible for tracking progress and completing missing assignments in a timely fashion.